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  • Ciel’s Tennis Cricket Bat Comes With the Best Punch And Balance.
  • All Ciel’s Kashmir Willow Bats Are LightWeight.
  • Get The Benefit Of Extra Length And Width In All Our Tennis Bats.
  • Huge Range Of Tennis Ball Cricket Bat To Choose From.
  • Ciel’s Scoop Tennis Cricket Bats Are Made From Top Grade Kashmir Willow Only.
  • Our Bat For Tennis Cricket Are Used Globally.
  • You Will Get a Free Premium Cover With Our Hrd Tennis Ball Cricket Bat.
  • Wild Power Cricket Tennis Bat Online Is The Best Bat And Used By 50000+ Players.
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Budget Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat

What Our Customers Say About Our Cricket Bats

Srinivas BhushanamSrinivas Bhushanam
12:59 31 Aug 23
Quality of bat is awesome from last 2 years onwards using the bat. Going for another one. Hope for the best bat.
vasanth kumarvasanth kumar
14:45 29 Aug 23
its 5 star rating company. they are always available on WhatsApp number and process of selecting willow and customization are really easy ,good and straight forward . their selection of willows are excellent and really impressed with the bat they provided. thank you
sameer patelsameer patel
00:59 28 Aug 23
I purchased 3 hard tennis ball bats from Ciel sport and they are truly Amazing !!I have purchased so many cricket bats - so far Wild power is one of the best cricket bats I have ever played .They very punctual on working on your order . Very knowledgeable as well.I live in Georgia , USA - I had shipment on my door within 1 week ..Thank you so much ciel sport for the best hard tennis cricket bats 🙏
Mohamed YusufMohamed Yusuf
05:53 26 Jun 23
So far I ordered 3 bats (AK 47 and Gold Edition) for Hard tennis ball. We don’t feel the vibration while hitting long shot. Weight less and such a wonderful bat.Customer responsible is very good and they are responding after business hours also.But 2 times small mistakes on engravings names. They might possible to have large number of orders. But They should double check the specifications before preparing and shipping.They promised me that, they will double check next time and I have placed another order for Gold Edition bat.Their responsible is awesome and bat quality is awesome
Ravi SRavi S
23:25 20 Mar 23
CEIL makes quality products, and their customer service/knowledge is topnotch. I was in search for a bat specifically for hard/heavy tennis and after much research decided to go with the CEIL Rangoose bat.Customer Service and knowledge:I placed my order online and it was a smooth process. Had it been any other company, they would have simply processed my order and I would have received my bat. Lucky for me, CEIL reached out. We discussed my specific situation/requirements and we were able to customize the bat as per my specifications. Their knowledge and customization ability are quite impressive. They kept me in the loop every step of the way and were very prompt in their communication. They are committed to ensure their clients get the best quality product that not only meets but exceeds all their expectations.Product:The bat was shipped in a timely manner and delivered to the US within 3-4 days. I have only had the opportunity to have a couple of practice sessions so far and the bat is simply amazing. I had been using a season ball bat for my games and in comparison, the Rangoose is much lighter with a much larger sweet spot and a better punch. The balance on this bat is perfect and the ball really travels upon connection. The CEIL Rangoose has become my go-to-bat and the other bats in my arsenal might be out of commission for a while.Thank you CEIL for the amazing service and awesome bat!
Akash KumarAkash Kumar
07:17 10 Nov 22
Ciel Sports is a hidden gem of a company. Their cricket gear is of the highest quality with prices lower than the other well-known brands.I'd like to especially thank the owner Akshat, for being a genuine person and for guiding me through the bat selection process. It was a rare conversation wherein I was ready to buy a more expensive English willow bat for myself, but Akshat advised me to go for a lower grade based on my needs.Highly recommend their products. All the best to the team for greater success!

Introducing the AK-47 Tennis Cricket Bat – where power meets precision, and champions are made. Elevate your tennis cricket game to new heights with this legendary cricketing weapon. The AK-47 is not just a bat; it’s your ticket to tennis cricketing glory.

With unmatched performance and unbeatable pricing, it’s the ultimate choice for tennis cricket players who demand excellence. Precision-engineered for every shot to be a masterpiece, the AK-47 Tennis Cricket Bat is the bat of choice for champions in the making. Experience tennis cricketing excellence like never before. Discover the AK-47 Tennis Cricket Bat and unlock your inner cricketer. Dominate the pitch, rewrite history, and turn your tennis cricketing dreams into reality with the AK-47 Tennis Cricket Bat in your hands.

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Unleash the Beast: Monster Hard Edition Tennis Cricket Bats

Introducing the Monster Hard Edition Cricket Bats – a true force of nature on the cricket field. As its name suggests, these bats are an absolute monster when it comes to power and performance. Crafted with precision and engineered for sheer dominance, the Monster Cricket Bat Edition is a game-changer for serious cricketers.

With its robust design and incredible hitting power, this bat is tailor-made for players who crave excellence. Every stroke with the Monster Hard Edition feels like a force to be reckoned with. It’s not just a cricket bat; it’s your ultimate weapon for rewriting the record books.

Experience the thrill of dominating the pitch with the Monster Hard Edition in your hands. Elevate your batting to a whole new level and leave your mark on every game. Unleash the beast within and make every inning a spectacle with the Monster Hard Edition Cricket Bat.

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Unleash Your Wild Side with the Wild Power Tennis Cricket Bat

Introducing the Wild Power Cricket Bat – where untamed power meets precision craftsmanship. This bat is your invitation to unleash your wild side on the cricket field. With its dynamic design and exceptional performance, the Wild Power bat is a true game-changer.

Crafted for players who are not afraid to push boundaries and take risks, this bat embodies the spirit of the wild. Every stroke with the Wild Power bat is a thrilling adventure, combining raw power with finesse. It’s the perfect companion for players who dare to dream big and play bold.

Step onto the pitch with the Wild Power bat in your hands, and you’ll feel the energy and excitement of the game like never before. It’s not just a cricket bat; it’s your ticket to a wild and powerful cricketing journey. Experience the rush of dominating the field, and redefine what’s possible with the Wild Power Cricket Bat.

Elevate Your Game with Our Premium Tennis Cricket Bats

All our Burn Edition bats are capable of hitting the ball out of the park easily & they come with a style quotien of burn design, all our hard tennis cricket bat are nothing less than perfection.

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