CIEL Sports: Who Are We?

A global sports brand

Ciel as a brand was created to manufacture Premium quality sporting equipment that defines class.
Ciel has provided premium service to many aspiring young players across the globe. The company believes in making flagship killer products that not only look great but perform even better. We have always strived to push the standards of every product we make with fine quality material and attention to detail.

What we think

Ciel Sports was founded on the belief that sports play an important part in shaping the youth of a nation. An integrated system of top of the class infrastructure, trainers, and quality sports equipment is required to build a modern sports culture. But over the years we have realised that there is a gap in standards of equipment used at global and domestic levels.

We at Ciel Sports aim to remove this gap and contribute to this budding sports culture by providing global standard sports equipment to aspiring players.

What we see

We have the vision to become a global sports brand that will be known for its customer satisfaction rate, its exceptional work, and it’s never-settling vision.
We aim to provide products that will inspire and motivate the inner athlete of every youth to beat the challenges and perform.

How we do it

Every product of ours is the result of thoughtful quality considerations and thorough research. We fuse the latest innovations in every work we do to develop products that perform better. On-ground performance analysis and modern design choices help us create products that are true flagship killers.
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