Best cricket bat for hard tennis ball all profiles

Best Cricket Bat For Hard Tennis Ball Monster

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Tennis Cricket Bat, Monster Burn Edition

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Tennis cricket bat all profiles

Hard Tennis Cricket Bat AK-47 Burn Bat

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  • Introducing our premium hard tennis cricket bat, meticulously designed to elevate your performance on the field. Crafted with the utmost precision, this bat features a unique triple-blade design, boasting edges with a substantial thickness ranging from 47 to 50mm. The generous sweet spot ensures that every shot you play resonates with power and precision.

Key Features:

  • Designed for tennis ball cricket’s unique dynamics.
  • Precision-engineered for power and accuracy.
  • Adaptable to your individual playing style.
  • Command the game with each stroke and script your cricketing success.
  • Lightweight with full control
  • Size: 35 inches, Width: 4.4-4.5 inches. (Approx.)
  • Made with the unique cricket bat design at the back, in which the wood is scooped out to reduce the weight of the bat
  • Ready to play, the triple-blade cleft is used to make this bat
  • For Hard Tennis Ball Cricket
  • Weight: 1040 – 1120 gm
  • Handle: Short Handle
  • Made from top-quality Kashmir Willow
  • Rubber toe guard for moisture protection at the base
  • Made in India.

Unleash the potential of every shot as you wield this hard tennis cricket bat. The amalgamation of the triple-blade design and a substantial sweet spot empowers you to dominate the game, sending the ball soaring across the field. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking that extra edge or a passionate newcomer hungry for success, this bat is your ultimate tool.

Elevate your cricketing experience with a bat that embodies power, precision, and performance. Choose the “Hard Tennis Cricket Bat” and rewrite the rules of the game.

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Srinivas BhushanamSrinivas Bhushanam
12:59 31 Aug 23
Quality of bat is awesome from last 2 years onwards using the bat. Going for another one. Hope for the best bat.
vasanth kumarvasanth kumar
14:45 29 Aug 23
its 5 star rating company. they are always available on WhatsApp number and process of selecting willow and customization are really easy ,good and straight forward . their selection of willows are excellent and really impressed with the bat they provided. thank you
sameer patelsameer patel
00:59 28 Aug 23
I purchased 3 hard tennis ball bats from Ciel sport and they are truly Amazing !!I have purchased so many cricket bats - so far Wild power is one of the best cricket bats I have ever played .They very punctual on working on your order . Very knowledgeable as well.I live in Georgia , USA - I had shipment on my door within 1 week ..Thank you so much ciel sport for the best hard tennis cricket bats 🙏
Mohamed YusufMohamed Yusuf
05:53 26 Jun 23
So far I ordered 3 bats (AK 47 and Gold Edition) for Hard tennis ball. We don’t feel the vibration while hitting long shot. Weight less and such a wonderful bat.Customer responsible is very good and they are responding after business hours also.But 2 times small mistakes on engravings names. They might possible to have large number of orders. But They should double check the specifications before preparing and shipping.They promised me that, they will double check next time and I have placed another order for Gold Edition bat.Their responsible is awesome and bat quality is awesome
Ravi SRavi S
23:25 20 Mar 23
CEIL makes quality products, and their customer service/knowledge is topnotch. I was in search for a bat specifically for hard/heavy tennis and after much research decided to go with the CEIL Rangoose bat.Customer Service and knowledge:I placed my order online and it was a smooth process. Had it been any other company, they would have simply processed my order and I would have received my bat. Lucky for me, CEIL reached out. We discussed my specific situation/requirements and we were able to customize the bat as per my specifications. Their knowledge and customization ability are quite impressive. They kept me in the loop every step of the way and were very prompt in their communication. They are committed to ensure their clients get the best quality product that not only meets but exceeds all their expectations.Product:The bat was shipped in a timely manner and delivered to the US within 3-4 days. I have only had the opportunity to have a couple of practice sessions so far and the bat is simply amazing. I had been using a season ball bat for my games and in comparison, the Rangoose is much lighter with a much larger sweet spot and a better punch. The balance on this bat is perfect and the ball really travels upon connection. The CEIL Rangoose has become my go-to-bat and the other bats in my arsenal might be out of commission for a while.Thank you CEIL for the amazing service and awesome bat!
Akash KumarAkash Kumar
07:17 10 Nov 22
Ciel Sports is a hidden gem of a company. Their cricket gear is of the highest quality with prices lower than the other well-known brands.I'd like to especially thank the owner Akshat, for being a genuine person and for guiding me through the bat selection process. It was a rare conversation wherein I was ready to buy a more expensive English willow bat for myself, but Akshat advised me to go for a lower grade based on my needs.Highly recommend their products. All the best to the team for greater success!



  • Why Go With This Hard Ball Star Burn Triple Blade Light Weight Tennis Player Grade Cricket Bat
  1. CIEL  – Kashmir willow Star burn edition triple-blade scoop hard tennis ball cricket bat is a plain lightweight cricket bat made out of the triple-blade cleft & is the best cricket bat for hard tennis balls.
  2. It is made from top-quality Kashmir willow wood. This tennis cricket bat is fully quality controlled in the factory and is handpicked to suit your chosen specifications.
  3. It’s ready to hit all kinds of hard tennis balls out of the ground. When playing tennis ball cricket, the sweet spot of the bat matters a lot, and Ciel’s Star Burn triple-blade scoop hard tennis ball bat has it all. Because of the scoop of wood taken out from the bat we are able to reduce the weight of the bat in the range of 1040 gm to 1120 gm, without compromising the strength and punch of the bat.
  4. This hard tennis cricket bat is 35 inches in height, it covers more area to hit the tennis ball around the batsman.
  5. This scoop bat for hard tennis balls comes in many designs the pic used in this product display is just for reference you might get a different design. This hard tennis cricket bat provides one of the best sweet spots.
  6. We provide bats with 3 rubber insertions in the handle of the bat so that the handle can take all the shock and absorb it so that you get the best experience with the bat.
  7. This bat made is a handcrafted piece of craftsmanship, this tennis ball bat is one one the best hard tennis ball cricket bats it’s a lightweight tennis cricket bat made especially for hard-hitting of the hard tennis ball.
  • What Is A Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat
  1. The very basic difference between a leather or seasoned ball bat and a tennis cricket bat is in the pressing of the cleft and the seasoned ball bat has to follow MMC law 5 on the other side, hard tennis bats do not have any regulatory body regarding the size the Kashmir willow hard tennis bat that is used in the tournament.
  2. Hard tennis cricket bats don’t have any regulatory body to keep a check on their dimensions so we have the liberty to provide you with bats that perform very well on every level of tennis cricket, be it gully cricket or a professional tennis cricket league.
  3. Once you will hold this hard tennis cricket bat in your hands you will fall in love with it because of all the craftsmanship that has gone into this bat while making it.
  4. We are using the same clefts which we are using for manufacturing seasoned or leather ball bats itself which have grains in them and the wood that we are using in it is also redwood which is also called hardwood.
  5. The thickness of the edge in every scoop bat for a hard tennis ball bat would be more than 45-50mm and the weight will be less than 1120 gm.
  6. The balance of the bat is such that you will feel it about 80-100 gm lighter when it will be in your hands, all these bats are made by skilled workers who are into bat making for the last 25 years.
  •  Specifications Of This Star Burn Triple Blade Scoop Bat
  1. Height – 35 inches
  2. Weight – 1040-1120 gm
  3. Design – Will be different in all the bats, this product pic is just for reference you may get a different design
  4. width of the blade – 4.4-4.5 inches (approximately)
  5. Made from redwood or hardwood Kashmir willow for optimum performance
  6. You will also get a rubber toe at the bottom of the bat to protect it against the moisture
  7. This hard tennis ball cricket bat has a short handle in it, so it provides you with a larger playing area and thus also provides a bigger sweet spot in this hard tennis ball bat
  8. The grip that you get in this scoop bat for hard tennis balls is super comfortable and the handle is round in shape
  • Product Video Link For More Information

Click here for the product video to get more information about this product

Click here to buy tennis cricket batting gloves

  • Dominating the Game with the Ultimate Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat

Cricket, a sport that unites nations, ignites passions and fosters fierce competition, demands equipment that can match its intensity. At the forefront of this equipment stand the cricket bat – a symbol of power, precision, and performance. Among the array of cricket bats available, one stands out as the embodiment of dominance on the field: the Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat.

  • Unveiling the Powerhouse: Triple Blade Design

Step into the realm of cricketing excellence with our Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat – a masterpiece that redefines the boundaries of power-hitting. This bat boasts a revolutionary triple-blade design, setting it apart from conventional options. The edges of this bat are not just edges, they are a testament to engineering brilliance, measuring an impressive 47 to 50mm in thickness.

This design innovation ensures that every strike packs an explosive punch, sending the ball soaring with unparalleled force.

  • The Towering Dominance: 35 Inches of Commanding Strokes

In the world of cricket, size matters, and our Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat does not disappoint. Standing tall at 35 inches, this bat provides you with the advantage of extended reach and commanding strokes. With each swing, you’ll experience the fusion of finesse and power, making even the most challenging shots seem effortless.

  • Unleash the Fury: Full Singapore Cane Handle

While the triple blade design and towering height contribute significantly to the bat’s prowess, the true essence of power lies in the details – the handle. Crafted with a full Singapore cane handle, this bat channels your energy into the sweet spot with astonishing efficiency. As you grip the handle, you’ll feel an immediate connection to the heart of the bat, translating your intent into shots that resonate with unparalleled power and precision.

  • A New Era of Cricketing Superiority

Gone are the days when a cricket bat was just a piece of wood. The Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is a game-changer, an innovation that bridges the gap between aspiration and achievement. Whether you’re a seasoned player with a hunger for victory or a newcomer looking to make a mark, this bat is your ally on the journey to cricketing greatness.

Imagine stepping onto the field armed with a bat that radiates confidence, that transforms your every swing into a statement of dominance. The Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is not merely equipment; it’s a catalyst that propels you towards excellence, urging you to break boundaries and set new standards.

  • Elevate Your Game Today

In a world where cricketing glory is earned through grit, skill, and determination, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is more than a tool; it’s a weapon that empowers you to conquer challenges and seize victory. As you wield this bat, you’re not just a player; you’re a force to be reckoned with, a symbol of cricketing supremacy.

Choose the Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat and embrace the future of cricketing excellence. Redefine the game, rewrite the rules, and reign supreme on the field. This bat is not just an addition to your kit; it’s your ticket to cricketing immortality.

  • Conclusion

Cricket, like life, is a journey defined by moments of triumph and challenges that test your mettle. The Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is your steadfast companion on this journey, ensuring that your moments of triumph are accentuated by the sound of the ball connecting with the sweet spot. Elevate your game, elevate your spirit – with the Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Bat, dominance is no longer a dream, it’s your reality. Embrace it, wield it, and watch as you become the player you were destined to be.

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